Act One Viewing History


Act One has been discussing great films since January 2016, when it was formed as a spin-off of Chapter One.  Each month, two films are randomly selected for discussion from member nominations.  Following our discussion, each work is rated by all group members, and the overall average score is recorded.  The works that have been selected by Act One since its inception can be viewed at the link below.

Complete History of Act One Selections

As only two nominations are chosen as group selections each month, there are dozens of worthy nominees that are still awaiting their turn.  Below you can view a complete listing of films that have been nominated in the past, but not yet selected for discussion.

Past Nominations

Lastly, Act One has chosen to honor the exceptional works that the group has enjoyed through our very own award ceremony, the Act One Film Awards.  This event takes place on an annual basis, and a complete list of past winners can be viewed at the following link.

Act One Film Awards