Chapter One Book Group

Chapter One is a community of friends committed to enriching our lives through shared experience of the written word and meaningful discussion.  The group was established in January 2008 and is currently celebrating its ninth year.

Each month, Chapter One dives into a new book selected directly from group nominations.  Selections can vary as much as our members.

The group continues to meet and celebrate literature each month in the Chillicothe area of Ohio.

The Hunt for Red October.png

August 2019

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy


Published in 1984

In his debut novel, prolific author Tom Clancy took the world of military fiction by storm when he introduced his most famous character, Jack Ryan. In The Hunt for Red October, Ryan, an analyst with the CIA, races against time to locate Red October, a cutting-edge Soviet submarine with incredibly destructive potential. Complicating Ryan’s titular hunt are layers of secrets, conspiracies and conflicting motivations that must be sorted through before Red October falls into the wrong hands. Lauded by Republican politicians of the 1980s, The Hunt for Red October solidified Clancy as a best-selling author and established Jack Ryan as a character who continues to appear in adaptations of Clancy’s work to this day.

This meeting for discussion of Book #140 is currently scheduled for August 24th at 5:00 PM.

White Fang.png

September 2019

White Fang by Jack London


Published in 1906

This meeting for discussion of Book #141 is currently scheduled for September 21st at 5:00 PM.