Level One Leaderboard


Below you can view a comprehensive record of those who have claimed victory in the selected video and tabletop games enjoyed by Level One Gaming League each month.


Video Game: Portal

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, Scooter, J.G.


Tabletop Game: Love Letter

Winner: Dustin / Players: Becky, Dustin, Eli, Drew, William



Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Game Completed: Eli, Scooter, Drew, Dustin

Completed 100% (All Hearts, Items, Upgrades): Eli, Scooter, Drew, Dustin


Tabletop Game: Celestia

Winner: Eli and Becky (Team) / Players: Eli, Becky, Grace, Drew, William, Scooter, Jes, Denise



Video Game: 2064: Read Only Memories

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, Becky


Tabletop Game: Exploding Kittens

Winner: Denise / Players: Scooter, Jes, Michelle, Drew, Denise, Dustin, William, Becky, Eli



Video Game: Her Story

Game Completed: Eli, Becky, Drew, William, Denise, Jes, Scooter


Tabletop Game: Clue

Winner: William (Game 1), Eli and Becky (Team, Game 2) / Players: Eli, Becky, Christine, Dustin, Denise, Jes, William, Michelle, Drew



Video Game: INSIDE

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, Jerad, William


Tabletop Game: Spyfall

Winner: Drew, Eli, Jes (Spies) / Players: Jes, Scooter, Becky, Eli, Drew, Dustin, William, Michelle, Grace



Video Game: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Game Completed: Eli, Dustin, Drew, Scooter, Becky

Completed 100% (Original 8 Fighters): Eli, Dustin, Drew

Tournament Winner: Eli (E. Honda) / Runner-Up: Drew (Chun-Li) / Participants: Becky, Grace, Drew, William, Eli, Jes, Scooter, Dustin


Tabletop Game: Monikers

Winner: Eli, Dustin, Drew, William (Team Boyz)  / Players: Becky, Jes, Michelle, Erica, Eli, Dustin, Drew, William



Video Game: The Yawhg

Game Completed: Eli, Dustin, William, Drew, Becky, Grace


Tabletop Game: Tokaido

Winner: Eli and Grace (Team) / Players: Jes, William, Dustin, Scooter, Becky, Drew, Michelle, Eli, Grace



Video Game: Donkey Kong

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, Becky, Dustin

High Score: Eli - 148,000


Tabletop Game: King of Tokyo

Winner: William (The Kraken) / Players: William, Drew, Dustin, Becky, Eli, Erica, Jes, Scooter



Video Game: Moon Hunters

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, William, Becky, Dustin


Tabletop Game: Sushi Go!

Winner: Eli / Players: Eli, Christine, Dustin, William, Drew



Video Game: The Witcher

Game Completed: Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: The Witcher Adventure Game

Winner: Eli (Triss Merigold) / Players: Eli, William, Dustin, Drew



Video Game: EarthBound

Game Completed: Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: The Resistance

Winners: Jes, Becky, Drew, William, Scooter, Christine (The Resistance) / Players: Jes, Becky, Drew, William, Scooter, Christine, Eli, Erica, Dustin



Video Game: Never Alone (Kisima Inŋitchuŋa)

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Cultural Insights): Eli, Drew

Foxtales Completed: Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Spinagogue

Winner: Dustin / Players: Erica, Jes, Denise, Scott, William, Eli, Dustin, Drew, Michelle, Becky



Video Game: Doki Doki Literature Club!

Game Completed: Eli, Erica, Becky, Drew, William, Dustin

Completed 100% (All Endings): Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Biblios

Winner: Eli (Game 1), William (Game 2) / Players: Eli, Drew, Grace, William, Jes, Scooter



Video Game: Papo & Yo

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Hats): Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Kill Doctor Lucky

Winner: Denise / Players: Denise, Drew, Jes, Erica, Dustin, Becky, Eli, William, Michelle, Scooter



Video Game: Mega Man 2

Game Completed: Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Mega Man: The Board Game

Winner: William / Players: William, Drew, Dustin, Tristan, Eli



Video Game: Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Town Mayors: Eli (Town One), Becky (Lamina), Dustin/Tristan (Phenixin), Drew (Drutopia), Erica (Northe), Grace (Narnia), Taran (Fun Land)


Tabletop Game: DropMix

Winner: Eli, Becky, William, Michelle (Team) / Players: Drew, Scooter, Jes, Eli, Becky, William, Michelle



Video Game: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Game Completed: Scott Prime, Eli, Drew

All Upgrades, Collectibles, and Riddles Completed: Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Escape Room: The Game

Winner: Group Success! / Players: Eli, Drew, William, Denise, Dan, Erica, Grace



Video Game: Stardew Valley

Farm Owners: Eli (Monomyth Farm), Drew (Cold Comfort Farm), Dustin (Siesta Farm), Becky (Serenity Farm)


Tabletop Game: The Captain is Dead

Winner: Group Victory! / Players: Eli, Dustin, Erica, Scooter, Jes, William, Drew



Video Game: FEZ

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Cubes, Maps, Artifacts): Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Bears vs Babies

Winner: Dan / Players: Dan, Scooter, Eli, Becky, Drew, William



Video Game: Tacoma

Game Completed: Drew, Eli

Completed 100% (All Achievements): Drew, Eli


Tabletop Game: Smash Up

Winner: William (Ancient Egyptian Sharks) / Players: William, Drew, Dustin, Grace, Eli



Video Game: OFF

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Endings): Eli, Drew


Tabletop Game: Decrypto

Winner: Team Enigma (Dustin, Becky, Eli, Scooter) / Players: Dustin, Becky, Eli, Scooter, Drew, Michelle, Jes, William


Video Game: Red Dead Redemption

Game Completed: Eli, Scott Prime

Tabletop Game: Ultimate Werewolf

Winner: Denise, Becky, William (Villagers, Game 1), Drew, Eli (Werewolves, Game 2) / Players: Drew, Denise, Scooter, Becky, Eli, William, Dan, Jes, Erica


Video Game: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Game Completed: Eli, Dustin, Drew

Completed 200.6% (True Ending): Eli, Dustin, Drew

Tabletop Game: Happy Little Accidents

Winner: Eli (Game 1), Drew (Game 2) / Players: Eli, Michelle, Denise, Jes, Dustin, William, Drew


Video Game: Spyro the Dragon

Game Completed: Eli, William

Completed 120% (All Dragons, Gems, Eggs, Skill Points): Eli, William

Tabletop Game: Dutch Blitz

Winner: Michelle / Players: Drew, Dan, Michelle, Eli, Dustin, William


Video Game: Return of the Obra Dinn

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Fates Solved, True Ending): Eli, Drew

Tabletop Game: Poetry Slam

Winner: Eli / Players: Eli, Drew, Dustin, William


Video Game: System Shock

Game Completed: Eli

Completed 100% (Overall Security Level of 0%): Eli

Tabletop Game: The Supershow

Winners: Erica, Denise, William / Players: Jes, Erica, Denise, Drew, Eli, William


Video Game: Secret of Mana

Game Completed: Eli, Dustin

Tabletop Game: Magic: The Gathering

Winner: Eli (Game 1), Dustin (Game 2) / Players: Eli, Dustin, Drew, William


Video Game: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Completed 100% (All Endings): Eli, Drew

Tabletop Game: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong

Winner: Eli, Grace, Dan, Erica, Drew (Investigators, Game 1), Grace, William, Dan, Erica, Drew (Investigators, Game 2) / Players: Eli, Grace, William, Dan, Erica, Drew


Video Game: Portal 2

Game Completed: Scooter, Eli, Drew

Co-op Mode Completed: Eli, Drew

Tabletop Game: The Captain is Dead: Lockdown

Winner: Group Victory! / Players: Eli, Drew, Jes, Erica, Dan, William, Dustin


Video Game: World of Warcraft

Legion One: Eli, Becky, Dustin, Drew, Tristan

Tabletop Game: Lords of Waterdeep

Winner: Eli (Game 1), Eli (Game 2) / Players: Eli, Dan, Becky, Dustin, Drew


Video Game: StarTropics

Game Completed: Eli, Drew

Tabletop Game: Dixit

Winner: Eli / Players: Eli, Drew, Dan, William


Video Game: The Stanley Parable

Game Completed: Drew, Eli

Completed 100% (All Endings): Drew, Eli

Tabletop Game: Captain Sonar

Winner: Dan, Drew, Eli (USSRS Trufflebutter) / Players: Dan, Drew, Eli, William, Erica, Dustin, Tristan


Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Game Completed: Eli, Drew, Dustin

Completed 100% (All Hearts, Items, Upgrades): Eli, Drew, Dustin

Tabletop Game: The Game of Wolf

Winner: Michelle / Players: Becky, Dan, Drew, Eli, Erica, Michelle, William


Video Game: Maniac Mansion

Game Completed: Drew

Completed 100% (All Endings): Drew

Tabletop Game: Last Friday

Winner: Drew, Dustin, Eli, William (Camp Counselors) / Players: Dan, Drew, Dustin, Eli, William