Issue One Comics Guild

Issue One Comics Guild was launched in January 2018 as a spin-off of Chapter One Book Group.

The current schedule can be viewed below:

Planet of the Apes - Visionaries.png

June 2019

Planet of the Apes: Visionaries


Dana Gould and Chad Lewis

Comic Selection #18

In 1964 Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, wrote a screenplay based on Pierre Boulle’s novel Planet of the Apes. The scope and grandeur of Serling’s script made it impossible to affordably film at the time it was written, and instead Michael Wilson’s script became the film Planet of the Apes (1968) that went down in history as one of the most famous science fiction films of all time. For decades few had read Serling’s original script or even knew it existed, but that changed when comedian and author Dana Gould and artist Chad Lewis were tasked with bringing Serling’s vision to life in Planet of the Apes: Visionaries. Based on the same premise as the film, Visionaries begins with four astronauts rocketing through space with three of them waking up on a strange planet populated by talking apes. Visionaries differs from there, however, as Serling’s apes were not the primitive hut-dwellers so many viewers are familiar with. Invaluable to both fans of the Planet of the Apes franchise and Serling’s television work, Planet of the Apes: Visionaries is a must-read for anyone looking for a fresh take on a well-known tale.

The Sandman, Vol. 1 - Preludes and Nocturnes.png

July 2019

The Sandman, Volume 1: Preludes and Nocturnes


Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, and Malcolm Jones III

Comic Selection #19

Collecting the first eight issues of Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed The Sandman series, Preludes & Nocturnes introduces readers to Dream, the embodiment of humanity’s imaginings and nightmares. Trapped by a wizard for decades, Dream manages to escape and begins to plan to regain his power and return dreams to humanity. With cameos by DC characters both famous and obscure, including Cain and Abel, John Constantine, Etrigan the Demon, Doctor Destiny and the Justice League of America, Preludes & Nocturnes has been beloved by both readers and critics as one of the most haunting, compelling and original comics ever written.