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The chief reading focus of Issue One Comics Guild will always be the official monthly comic and graphic novel selections, a complete history of which can be viewed here.

However, in addition to experiencing these selections, each month a notable webcomic is also shared with the group for further discussion.  The Featured Webcomic for the current month can be viewed on this page, and a complete history of all previous selections is listed below.

June 2019

Rusty & Co..png

Rusty & Co.

Michael Rankin

Sick and tired of ‘pretty’ races like humans and elves getting all the glory, three monsters – Rusty the Rust Monster, Mimic the Mimic and Gelatinous Cube the Gelatinous Cube – set out to prove that you don’t have to be humanoid to be heroes. Encountering land-based pirates, cunning gnolls and dastardly necromancers among other perils, our three heroes will be put to the test in their quest to level up and get the fame, glory and delicious metal that they know they deserve. Funny, exciting and with a surprising amount of heart, Rusty & Co. is the perfect comic for fans of D&D who are looking for a comic unlike anything they’ve seen before.

This Featured Webcomic can be found here.

Featured Webcomics


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Michael Rankin