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The chief viewing focus of Season One Television Council will always be the official monthly television show selections, a complete history of which can be viewed here.

However, in addition to experiencing these programs, each month a notable web series is also shared with the group for further discussion.  The Featured Web Series for the current month can be viewed on this page, and a complete history of all previous selections is listed below.

June 2019

The Guild.png

The Guild

Felicia Day

Considered a landmark achievement in the world of web series, The Guild was created by internet darling Felicia Day and inspired by her own love of video games. Centered on a group of gamers who are hopelessly addicted to an MMORPG called The Game, The Guild follows the Knights of Good as their online and offline lines begin to intertwine to mixed results. Grounded in the anxieties and social awkwardness of Day’s character, The Guild deeply resonated with viewers and was praised for showing that more people than just straight white men can enjoy video games. Beloved by fans, The Guild was also acclaimed by critics and won several Streamy Awards as well as being listed as one of the best series on the internet by Rolling Stone.

This Featured Web Series can be found here.

Featured Web Series


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The Guild

Felicia Day