Level One Gaming League

Level One Gaming League was launched in January 2017 as a spin-off of Chapter One Book Group.

The current schedule can be viewed below:

July 2018

Featured Video Game



Polytron Corporation


Video Game #19

Considered an underdog darling of the indie game scene and scrutinized heavily during its five-year development, FEZ was the subject of much discussion both because of its intriguing design and the outspoken public persona of Polytron founder Phil Fish, who was featured prominently in Indie Game: The Movie as he struggled to get FEZ finished in time for its scheduled debut. Praised for its emphasis on discovery and freedom, as well as its rotation mechanic and visual design, FEZ went on to influence hit games like Monument Valley and Crossy Road.

Bears vs Babies.jpg

Bears vs Babies

Matthew Inman & Elan Lee


Tabletop Game #19

From Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal and Exploding Kittens, comes Bears vs Babies, a highly strategic party game where players build handsome, incredible and magnificent monsters to battle and eat horrible, awful and despicable babies. Each player can beef up their monsters in various ways, including replacing their arms with nunchuck-wielding T-Rexes or high-powered power tools, giving them intravenous caffeine drips or having them wear saucy sombreros. Each player draws from the shared deck consisting of both monster parts and baby cards. When babies are provoked they attack, and any player who has fewer monster parts than the number of attacking babies loses their monster; everyone with more parts than babies defeats this infantile army and scores. The player who eats the most babies wins!

August 2018

Featured Video Game





Video Game #20

Set in 2088, Tacoma places the player in a future where megacorporations are a key influence in society. The player takes on the role of Amitjyoti Ferrier, an employee of the Venturis Corporation who’s been tasked with entering the abandoned Tacoma station and retrieving AI data from each of its sections as well as retrieving the physical processing module of ODIN, the station's AI. Noted for the emotional connection the game forges between the player and the characters, Tacoma was well received by critics by critics and fans of Fullbright's first game Gone Home.