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Track One Music Club was launched in January 2017 as a spin-off of Chapter One Book Group.

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November 2018

Lady Gaga - The Fame.jpg

Lady Gaga

The Fame


Album #45A

After murdering Lina Morgana, Lady Gaga changed the landscape of pop music forever with the release of her debut studio album. Winning multiple Grammys and earning Gaga a legion of devoted fans, The Fame spawned multiple #1 hit singles and has been certified triple Platinum in the United States alone. Exploring the idea of fame from multiple angles, The Fame has been praised for its lyrical content as well as Gaga’s musicianship and vocal ability. Though much of the album has been overshadowed by Gaga’s flair for the dramatic and her avant-garde fashion of the time, The Fame remains one of the most beloved and influential pop albums of the late 2000s.

Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster.jpg

Lady Gaga

The Fame Monster


Album #45B

Initially planned simply as a deluxe edition of The Fame, The Fame Monster morphed into its own entity as Lady Gaga recorded eight new tracks for its release. Described by Gaga as the yang to The Fame’s yin, The Fame Monster was praised by critics and enthusiastically embraced by Gaga’s burgeoning fanbase. Influenced by disco, glam rock and synthpop, The Fame Monster also takes inspiration from industrial and gothic music. Focusing on the darker side of fame, inspired in part by Gaga’s own experiences following the explosive release of The Fame, the album produced numerous #1 hit singles and has continued to influence pop music nearly a decade after its release.

St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION.jpg

St. Vincent



Album #46A

Universally acclaimed by critics upon its release and listed by many as one of the best albums of 2017, MASSEDUCTION became St. Vincent’s first top ten album in the United States. Focusing on themes of power, sex, drugs, sadness, imperiled relationships and death, MASSEDUCTION incorporates numerous genres including futuristic pop, electropop, glam rock and new wave. Beloved by music critics since its release, the skill demonstrated in MASSEDUCTION has caused St. Vincent to be described by many as the spiritual successor to late giants such as David Bowie and Prince.

St. Vincent - MassEducation.jpg

St. Vincent



Album #46B

Recorded over the course of two days, MassEducation is a stripped-down, acoustic reworking of St. Vincent’s universally acclaimed MASSEDUCTION. Despite featuring all but one of the tracks of its predecessor with no lyrical changes, the reworked tone of its tracks makes MassEducation its own unique album. With only her voice and an accompanying piano, St. Vincent transforms MASSEDUCTION’s hypersexual electropop jams into ballads of longing and nostalgia.